Dear judofamily,


in this hard situation, all of us are in the same situation. We have to stay at home, and we want to stay fit. So our idea was to collect and sort workouts, technical trainings and other sport stuff, to help everybody to survive this terrible situation.  So if you want to share some workouts with us, feel free to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are here for each other. Stay home, stay strong.


judogames for kids

Dear judofamily

At the page of   dokume we found a collection of games DJB - Juniorenteam. Have a look. Maybe you can do some excercises with your brothers or sisters

Workouts by the Ballhaus Twins und Miriam Butkureit

On Sportdeutschland.tv is a Workout with the Ballhaus-sisters and Miriam Butkureit of the german national team von Sportdeutschland.tv


Schaut mal hier, auch die Leute vom DJB unterstützen euch. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von Dokume haben Sie eine Seite mit Übungen und Trainingsplänen gemacht:dokume

Core-Workout by Michelle Hürzeler

A Core workout by the german fitness coach and former member of the german judo national team Michelle Hürzeler. You need a Black Roll for this workout. Thank you Michelle!


Daniel Gleim gave us an Judo workout with some theraband. Lets start!

Workout with Daniel Gleim

Daniel Gleim from the PSV Grün-Weiß Kassel shows you how you can stay fit at home

Tandoku Renshu

The first excercise (Tandoku Renshu) by Trainer Norman Lohrey (Alfterer Judo Club)

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